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Celebrate Work Anniversaries with CultureBot

Recognize and appreciate your employees' milestones effortlessly with our automated work anniversary messages.

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Boost Employee Engagement with Work Anniversary Appreciation

CultureBot helps you create a culture of recognition by automatically sending personalized work anniversary messages to your employees. Our automated platform ensures that no milestone goes unnoticed, making your employees feel valued and appreciated.

  • Customizable GIFs
  • Photo Banners
  • Auto-Collected
  • Send Gifts
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Celebrate Major Milestones Without the Hassle

CultureBot crafts unique messages for each employee based on their tenure, making every workaversary feel special. Easily connect CultureBot with your HRIS or employee database to automatically track and celebrate work anniversaries without any manual effort.

  • HRIS Syncing
  • CSV Uploads
  • Customizable Messaging
  • Manual Override

What Others Have to Say...


We're a very busy team, so manual culture and HR processes like birthdays or anniversary reminders often get neglected. Culturebot helps create spaces for fun and connection during the workday, many of which have been lost in the shift to remote work, as well as automate a lot of the bulky manual work.

daisy m

Daisy M.

Culture Committee at StreetBees

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Make Work Anniversaries Extra Special with Gifts

Take your work anniversary recognition to the next level with CultureBot Gifts. Our integrated gift platform allows you to easily send personalized gifts to employees on their workaversaries. Choose from a wide selection of gift options, set budgets, and let CultureBot handle the rest.

  • 600+ Gift Cards
  • Auto-Delivery
  • Custom Gifts
  • Private Messages

Employee recognition made easy

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