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What is a virtual water cooler for Slack?

In the pre-COVID era, office spaces were hubs of spontaneous interactions, with employees engaging in casual conversations around the physical water cooler. However, the virtual landscape of remote work often lacked this natural camaraderie.

Introducing the concept of the "virtual water cooler" - a virtual oasis of informal chats, fostering team bonding among remote employees. Our dedicated Slack app, CultureBot, recreates this experience within Slack channels. Here, unique water cooler discussions come to life, offering remote workers a space to engage in fun, quirky conversations.

Discover the power of the "virtual water cooler" with CultureBot, enhancing remote team connectivity and bringing back the spirit of office interactions in the digital realm.

How the Watercooler Works

CultureBot automatically sends a conversation starting message to the Slack channel of your choosing at the time you tell it to. Messages can even be customized.

watercooler channel and time

Choose a Channel and Time to Post

Inside of the CultureBot admin page (easily found inside of your Slack org), you'll simply want to select a channel (or channels) to send the watercooler topics to, as well as the time of day and days of the week for them to run.

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Select Your Topics

Next you'll want to click the 'select topics for water cooler' button which will give you plenty of categories of conversation starters to choose from. Want something a bit more team-specific? Click the 'view/add prompts' button to add your own!

watercooler message preview

Watch the conversation unfold!

And... that's it, really! In fewer than 5 minutes you've setup your team for more interesting and engaging conversations inside of Slack. A word of recommendation – make sure you aren't sending too many messages too often!

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