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👉 Pricing is based on your Slack team's size, not per user. For teams of more than 500 users, please contact us.

👉 Prices shown are paid annually (USD). Monthly prices are 20% higher.

👉 All paid plans come with free onboarding, live support, and API access. Add-ons (below) include games/events, HRIS integrations, and gift card automation.

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Extras & Add-Ons

live hosted events and instant immersive games

Immersive Games & Live Events

CultureBot provides access to two different kinds of gaming experiences -- live, hosted game show events (scheduled) and instant, immersive games (on-demand).

  • Pricing for live, hosted events is dependent on the size of your party and the type of game. Live events start at $600 (USD) and are dependent on the size of your event.
  • Full access to our instant, immersive games library inside Slack starts at $500 (USD) per quarter and is dependent on the size of your team. We do offer a couple of free immersive games to try before buying.
  • Trivia (inside Slack) is included as a part of the standard CultureBot package (pricing above).
sync with your HRIS system

HRIS Integrations

CultureBot can sync with 25+ different HRIS systems - including Rippling, Workday, BambooHR, Justworks, Gusto, Paycor - and many more.

  • Sync birthdays and start dates from your employees to automatically celebrate them on their special days.
  • Sync employee location and department information -- for use in intro pairings, targeted surveys/questionnaires in Slack, and more.
gift card automation

Gift Card Automation

Use our gift card automation platform to allow your employees to redeem their shoutout points automatically for e-gift cards of their choosing.

  • e-gift card support in over 90 countries across the world, with over 700 different brands (including Starbucks, Amazon, Apple, Target, and more).
  • Setup an automation for your employees to receive gift cards on their birthday or work anniversary
  • Redemption system to allow admin(s) on your team to approve/deny gift card redemption requests

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Frequently asked questions.

Answers to the most common questions regarding pricing, onboarding, and special offers.

We don't charge by the user, but by team size. If your team outgrows the "bucket" you currently find yourself in we will contact you to upgrade your account accordingly. We do this as teams on Slack often add users quite rapidly, and we want to keep pricing as simple as possible.

Yup! We offer 1-month of free service for each referral, and 1-month of free service to the referral as well. There are also cash incentives and testimonial perks. View our full list here.

If your team is on one of the first two tiers (1-24 users, 25-49 users), onboarding includes one 30-minute session. This is enough time to configure the entire bot and run you through each feature at least once.

If your team is on one of the top two tiers, we provide initial onboarding support for you and any others you'd like on your team, as well as continued onboarding support for any extra questions you may have beyond the initial onboarding call.

Support for the first two tiers (1-24 users, 25-49 users) includes support from an actual human via live chat (here on our site) and our main support email.

If your team is on one of the top two tiers, we provide a cell phone number to your account manager for direct access when you're having any urgent issues. You also receive priority email support.