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CultureBot makes your remote team more engaged

Navigating hybrid and remote work environments requires innovative solutions to foster a culture of equal opportunity, camaraderie, and appreciation. Introducing CultureBot, your HR Slack app for remote teams, designed to address these challenges head-on.

CultureBot is tailor-made for hybrid and remote work dynamics, offering a seamless platform to facilitate genuine connections between teammates, enhance teamwork, and create positive feedback loops. Empower your workforce with CultureBot's robust features, facilitating meaningful connections and educating employees to make healthier decisions.

Experience a transformative shift in your organization with CultureBot. Harnessing its powerful capabilities, witness a surge in employee engagement, loyalty, and happiness within your remote and hybrid teams.

peer rewards

📣 Shoutouts & Peer Rewards

Send positive feedback shoutouts and peer rewards to one or more multiple members of your remote team to recognize and acknowledge them for a job well done. Points can be redeemed for benefits/gifts setup by the team admin.

conversation starter preview

💬 Conversation Starters

Setup automatic conversation starters to send to your remote team in a Slack channel of your choice. With our hundreds of unique and creative topics, your remote team will continually stay engaged and building bonds with one another.

birthday celebration preview

🎂 Birthday & Work Anniversary Celebrations

Never forget a remote teammate's birthday ever again. Our bot automatically collects birthdays from your remote team and sends a celebratory message out automatically when it comes time to celebrate!

wellness lottery preview

🎰 Wellness Lottery

Surprise your remote team with rewards as part of a wellness benefit program. Choose the employees who are eligible to participate and we'll randomly select the winner every week, month, or quarter.

feedback reminder preview

🙋‍♀️ Team Feedback

Get direct feedback from your employees on a regular basis - all inside of Slack. Get to the bottom of potential problem areas with two-way anonymous conversations.


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