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Team Building & Appreciation for Busy Teams

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How Team Appreciation Shoutouts Work

Use CultureBot to share shoutouts of appreciation directly with teammates. Remind your team automatically once a week to share kudos with their team inside of Slack.

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Setting up the Team Shoutouts

Inside of the CultureBot admin page (easily found inside of your Slack org), you can click the 'give shoutout' button (seen on the right) which will pull up the screen below to share your positive feedback. You can also setup recurring reminders to the team to a certain Slack channel at a certain time of day in order to increase the amount of appreciation going around!

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Sharing Your Kudos

After clicking on the 'give shoutout' button you'll see this screen, where you simply select a teammate, a channel to share the kudos in, and (of course) your thoughtful message.

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Appreciation, on Repeat

As outlined in the setup step above, you can configure the bot to remind your team at certain times of the week to share positive feedback and kudos with one another.

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Let the Good Words Roll...

Now that you're setup to give reminders each week, sit back and watch your team's appreciation and motivation achieve new heights. Virtual team building and sharing of team appreciation? Check.

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