Our Story

CultureBot's Mission 😁

CultureBot was initially developed as the pandemic of 2020 forced our team into a remote workstyle. As our team began working from home full-time we realized it was harder and harder to make the pieces of our culture stay glued together.

We knew that the little things were what really grounded a culture -- the hallway conversations and side chats that led to tighter team bonds amongst one another.

CultureBot exists to bring back some of that in-person magic. That's why we've spent the time developing an easy-to-use bot inside the tool you use everyday to keep in touch with your team – Slack.

It is our hope that the bot will positively impact your team's culture, at least in some small way. We can't wait for you to try it out!

Build a healthier team culture

The first ever Slack bot designed to make improving team culture easy and fun.