Birthday and Work Anniversary Celebrations

Celebrate Team Birthdays & Work Anniversaries 🎉

The top-rated birthday and work-aversary bot for Slack that helps your team connect on each other's special days.

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Celebrations, for the Slack Era

Help your team feel acknowledged, included, and appreciated. Automate the positive ritual of celebrations like birthdays and work anniversaries with CultureBot.

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How the Birthday & Work Anniversary Bot Works

CultureBot automatically sends a celebratory message on the day of your employee's birthdays and work anniversaries. Birthdays and work annviersaries can be collected by the bot itself inside of Slack or imported via CSV spreadsheet.

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Choose a Channel and Time to Post

Inside of the CultureBot admin page (easily found inside of your Slack org), you'll simply want to select a channel (or channels) to send the celebrations to (arrows on the right), as well as the time of day for them to send. Note: setup of work anniversaries is nearly identical to that of birthdays! For the next couple of steps, we'll be click on the buttons shown in the brace on the right.

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Collect those Birthdays & Anniversaries!

After clicking on the 'collecting birthdays' or 'collecting anniversaries' buttons, you'll be shown the screen on the left. Here, you have the option to either upload your birthdays (or anniversaries) or have the bot do the collecting on your behalf. With either option, you'll still have the ability to edit/delete birthdays and anniversaries after the fact. The bot can also collect birthdays and anniversaries of new employees as soon as they're added to Slack!

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Show Your Appreciation

Lastly, you can decide to edit the message that gets sent for the birthdays and work anniversaries, as well as (optionally) add a gift. If you add a gift, the bot will directly message the teammate with what they have won.

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Sit Back and Watch the Appreciation Flow In!

Now that you're all setup, you'll be able to join in on the fun with your team everytime there is a birthday or work anniversary to celebrate. If more than one teammate has a birthday or work-aversary on the same day, the bot will intelligently group them together to avoid Slack spam!

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