8 Best Employee Communication Apps for Smoother Team Collaboration

Whether your team jumped to remote working or you're looking to bring your office into the modern era, online communication software can streamline team collaboration. Team collaboration apps make email threads a thing of the past, with real-time project updates, forums, video calls, and social prompts to keep the conversation moving. In addition, employee communication apps can improve engagement, streamline coordination, and transform workplace culture.

With so many communication apps on the market, it can take time to narrow down your options. For example, a great workplace communication app combines organization, socialization, and more all in one place. We've also chosen customization-based employee communication apps, as finding a one-size-fits-all solution in business is challenging.

Our top eight picks combine the best parts of online communication, including streamlined social prompts, easy-to-use interfaces, and, of course, customization, as well as integrated employee recognition. So let's get into the eight best employee communication apps for smoother team collaboration without further ado.

1. Slack

It’s no surprise Slack is at the top of our list. This communication app has quickly become the industry standard alongside Microsoft teams for a good reason. Slack's baseline interface welcomes online experts and internet newbies and is incredibly customizable. In addition, Slack's suite of integrative programs allows you to customize the program to fit your work needs.

While baseline Slack is a game-changer for office collaboration, Slack apps are where things truly become incredible. For example, CultureBot is a team collaboration app within Slack made to streamline employee communications, drive engagement, and acknowledge team contributions. This program includes incredible features like a virtual water cooler to keep Slack chats active, employee shoutouts and birthday reminders to make your team feel valued, and wellness reminders to refresh the workplace.

While Slack is a great, innovative way to connect with your employees, whether in the office or working remotely, when paired with Slack apps like CultureBot, this communication app can revolutionize office organization and socialization. If you’re interested in finding out more, check out their website to see their rates and offers, or browse some of the fantastic apps available for Slack.

2. Microsoft Teams

If you’ve never heard of Microsoft Teams, we’ll assume your office time warped in from the early 1800s. Microsoft is a tech giant, and its communication app boasts all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a big-name company. From Microsoft product integration to collaborative pages, Microsoft Teams is a hub for office communication. With dedicated meeting spaces, collaboration and information boards, chat channels, and more, Teams brings the entire office together in one place for communication and collaboration.

While Teams has innovation and tech support behind it, it might not be the best fit for smaller offices looking to keep all their communications in one location. In addition, while Teams is great for face-to-face meetings, it lacks some of the social aspects of Slack, leaning more into video calls and meeting spaces.

Microsoft Teams is a workplace staple with plenty of flexibility and industry-standard communication features. Still, it may only work for some offices as it doesn't have quite the app library that Slack offers. However, with a free version available, it's worth giving Teams a test run to see if it boosts your office communication.

3. Zoom

While Zoom has been around since 2011, this video call app rose to new heights in 2019 and has become the staple video communication app for businesses, schools, and more. While Zoom is a video and chat communication program at its core, it recently released its email and calendar integration, allowing for better workplace coordination.

Zoom calls allow for screen sharing, virtual whiteboards, and more, creating the feel of an office meeting without the hassle of getting everyone in one place. Instead, chat amongst several teams at once, bounce between discussions, or plan your next lunch meeting all in one convenient app. While Zoom doesn't have the dedicated channel features in Teams or Slack, it's a great app for business meetings and social calls.

Zoom Spaces offers collaboration features associated with apps like Slack or Trello, though directly tied to video calls and chats. These spaces are great for visual aids during meetings or sharing WIP between departments while on call. The most significant benefit of these meeting rooms is that Zoom offers cross-platform integration, meaning any device that can run Zoom can join the meeting. This makes joining a meeting more effortless than ever, especially with far-afield workers and remote offices. Zoom may be right for your office if you're looking for a standard video conference tool to help foster team collaboration.

4. Jostle

Jostle works to eliminate employee frustration by keeping everything in one place. This employee collaboration platform mimics social media by offering recent projects, monthly messages, and more all in one dashboard. By creating a virtual hub for your workspace, Jostle cuts down on the amount of time spent digging for a file and makes communication a snap. Shout birthdays, connect with remote offices, or work on professional advancement from one hub. While Jostle is not as customizable as Slack, for those looking for a preset collaboration program, Jostle is an excellent alternative.

Thanks to the dashboard format, Jostle eliminates email spam and allows team leaders to share information in an easily accessible setting that catches attention and promotes interaction. In addition, by cutting back on the number of communication platforms in the office, Jostle helps streamline employee communication. It fosters a collaborative environment perfect for large teams or remote offices.

5. WorkVivo

What if social media increased workplace productivity? With WorkVivo, that dream can become a reality thanks to its innovative update format and streamlined dashboard design. With WorkVivo, team members can post updates, shout out collaboration efforts, and track project updates all in one location. In addition, WorkVivo prioritizes professional advancement, integrating video and podcast feeds alongside workplace updates to allow dedicated team members to hone their skills while they work.

Call out a job well done, update the team on a new project, or collaborate with coworkers through WorkVivo's all-in-one platform. While WorkVivo lacks the customization of Slack, it has some app connectivity, allowing team leaders to build a dashboard that works for them. So if you're looking to craft a positive, supportive work environment, WorkVivo can help you achieve that goal.

6. Jabber

Cisco is a workplace communication giant, so it’s no surprise Jabber has everything the modern office needs to stay in touch. Jabber is a one-stop shop for team communication, from video and messaging services to collaboration spaces. Persistent chat logs allow for easy project tracking, while conference spaces allow for easy discussions. With smartwatch integration and push notifications, you can keep track of projects at the office or on the go.

While Jabber falls into the category of a basic communication service, it's an excellent work-centered platform for companies looking to increase their communication without focusing on employee recognition or workplace socialization. Instead, Jabber prioritizes productivity, creating collaborative calls and meeting spaces for project management and discussion in a convenient app. To find out more, check out their website.

7. Trello

Trello is a great workspace alternative to help coordinate projects and bolster team communication. Not only does Trello have a Slack app integration available, but it can also be used as a virtual timeline for each project on your team's plate. Trello acts like a posterboard for every task you need to complete. You can assign each project and step to a team member and track every project as it moves from inception to development.

With Trello, you can minimize the number of unnecessary emails and constant production check-ins and instead move to a live tracking system that keeps you up-to-date on every step of your project. In addition, Trello allows for custom boards, unique projects, interactive checklists, and more, allowing for smooth collaboration across disparate offices and different teams.

Send things for review, tag users, and ask for updates all within the app. With Slack integration, managing Trello boards becomes even easier, allowing for easy updates from Slack channels and direct notifications for important production questions. If you’re looking for a great app to streamline production and enhance workplace collaboration, Trello is a fantastic investment for any workplace.

8. Zoho Connect

Zoho Connect creates a space where team members can recognize accomplishments, post updates, and connect with other employees in a convenient online hub. In addition, Zoho Connect allows users to ask questions, post polls, participate in surveys, and more, making this an excellent app for connecting disparate teams.

The main dashboard acts as a basecamp for a social media-adjacent program made to connect team members. Employees can engage with one another in gamified workspaces, share posts directly with social media, and even create to-do lists that other users can interact with, making this a great workplace communication program. Suppose you're looking for a simple but effective workplace communication platform. In that case, Zoho Connect copies the base concept of Slack for a simple, though less customizable, program perfect for small to large offices looking to boost team collaboration and employee communication.