OfficeVibe Slack App Alternatives: 5 Competitors That Bring Good Office Vibes

editorial Mar 26, 2023

OfficeVibe is a Slack app that helps employers engage with remote and hybrid teams in a virtual workspace. On top of this, it can help track employee growth initiatives, schedule one-on-one meetings, and more. While OfficeVibe has its place as a Slack app, plenty of alternatives to OfficeVibe cultivate good office vibes and help engage your employees.

Here, we discuss alternative Slack integrations that boost team morale, drive engagement, and streamline employee connections. Some cornerstones of a great office culture are engaged, valued employees and an office space that prioritizes employee wellness. After all, there's more to creating a positive workplace than just polling employees or acknowledging birthdays. Working with your team to identify needs and encourage social connections is crucial to building good office vibes.

Our picks for top OfficeVibe Slack alternatives combine these values, task automation, and more for a virtual workspace that drives engagement and works for remote and hybrid teams. So without further ado, here are the top five alternatives to OfficeVibe.

1. CultureBot

If you’re looking for a Slack integration that covers employee engagement, workplace culture, social prompts, and employee wellness, you need CultureBot. Unlike OfficeVibe, which focuses primarily on employee advancement and management tasks like employee acknowledgment, CultureBot builds a virtual workspace for remote and hybrid employees through various features and functions.

With CultureBot, dead Slack channels are a thing of the past, thanks to social prompts. The virtual watercooler feature from CultureBot keeps employees engaged, while acknowledgment settings allow management and other employees to call out a job well done.

On top of the social perks, CultureBot features automated HR tasks, like birthday and anniversary notifications, to help maintain a positive workplace culture and drive employee engagement. Of course, that's not even mentioning the wellness initiatives baked into the program.

CultureBot works to reduce employee burnout and cultivate a culture that supports personal growth and employee engagement. With CultureBot’s wellness reminders and initiatives, you can encourage your team to take things at their own pace and set personal wellness goals. If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for a positive workplace, you need CultureBot in your company’s Slack channel.

2. Polly

Have you ever wanted honest, reliable feedback after a meeting? Polly allows you to poll employees about meeting length, efficacy, and other key insights to help drive up employee engagement and craft a positive workplace. In addition, suggestion box features allow team members to offer advice at their own pace, giving managers easy access to ways to improve overall team morale.

Collecting honest feedback is crucial to building a positive office space, and with Polly, you can collect real employee feedback while maintaining anonymity. This allows your team to share their honest thoughts without worry. Polly also holds onto demographic data, allowing you to gauge your meeting stats without singling out one employee. If you're looking for better insights into constructing your virtual workplace, Polly can help do just that.

3. EngageWith

Combination employee acknowledgment and new hire onboarding app, EngageWith offers surveys, birthday reminders, and more, all in one program. While this app has fewer social features than others on this list, EngageWith offers rewards for employee acknowledgment and uses Pulse surveys to get a feel for team morale.

On top of the survey angle, EngageWith helps managers introduce new team members to the workplace and encourages team members to interact with one another through the kudos function. This helps cultivate a healthy office culture where competition is replaced by interoffice collaboration and employee resolve.

EngageWith combines automation features like surveys and Pulses with birthday reminders and check-ins to make team members feel valued without adding more work to management’s plate. On top of this, peer-to-peer recognition drives workplace culture, cultivating positive relationships between remote team members, no matter how far apart.

If you’re looking to combine interaction insights with automation and peer shout-outs, EngageWith may work well for your company.

4. BirthdayBot

This workplace app does what it says on the tin. BirthdayBot helps keep track of birthdays, employee anniversaries, and more, all in one place. In addition, this automated bot keeps track of important team events thanks to calendar integrations. Combining BirthdayBot with other Slack apps allows you to manage team interactions and show you value your teams.

While this app is simpler than others, it performs its specialty well. Automated reminders cut down on management tasks and help ensure that no birthday, work anniversary, or other crucial event gets left behind.

If you want to acknowledge important events for your remote team without adding to your overall workload, BirthdayBot is a great option for you and your team.

5. MoodBit

MoodBit combines wellness initiatives, employee satisfaction, and key survey insights into one Slack add-on. Thanks to the power of AI, MoodBit can track employee engagement after each meeting and send out surveys to allow team managers to better engage with their teams. MoodBit also sends out its bot, Joy, to help improve employee mood and keep up engagement.

MoodBit can track workplace productivity, wellness, overall mood, and job satisfaction, making it an important tool for any remote or hybrid team leader. By conducting anonymous surveys and working with Joy to generate the next steps for each team member, MoodBit can help construct a stronger team and a healthier workplace culture.

Remember that while MoodBit can highlight social deficiencies in your workplace culture, it doesn't provide the same engagement prompts as other entries on this list. At the same time, it's an important tool for gathering data; if you want to drive up engagement, you may need to combine MoodBit with another Slack integration.


Of course, our top pick for an OfficeVibe alternative is CultureBot. Not only can you drive employee engagement and track wellness initiatives, but you can also set up social prompts, birthday reminders, and much more, all through a single app. So if you're looking for an all-in-one team engagement and workplace culture-building app, CultureBot is your choice. To find out more or get started with CultureBot today, reach out to our team to get started.


Oswald Reaves

A serial startup founder and entrepreneur, Oswald is a co-founder of the Slack-based employee experience and team engagement platform, CultureBot . Oswald is originally from North Carolina.