Disco Slack App Alternatives: 5 Competitors For A Groovy Remote Culture

If you're looking for a replacement for Disco as a slack integration, you're in luck. Countless Slack apps prioritize building positive work environments for remote and hybrid teams. So choosing the right Disco alternative is as simple as identifying what tools your team needs.

Disco boasts team acknowledgments, pulse surveys, and “value nominations,” or employee acknowledgments that apply to a whole team or workplace culture. While Disco ideally works as an employee engagement and acknowledgment app, combining team insights and workplace “value” prompts work together to craft a strong remote team culture.

To find an alternative to Disco, we’ve prioritized team-building apps that encourage positive interactions and provide key insights into team engagement, interest, and more. So without further ado, let's dive into the top five Disco alternatives and competitors for remote team culture.

1. CultureBot

CultureBot is on this list for its multi-purpose interfacing and countless team-building options. For example, if you want to spruce up social engagements, CultureBot has an automated virtual watercooler function to help generate conversation. Likewise, if you want to show employee appreciation, the employee shoutouts feature is a great way to keep the entire team engaged and reinforce your company's cultural values – very similar to the main value prop of Disco.

On top of the social and employee recognition settings, CultureBot automates things like birthday and workplace anniversary recognition and can even start wellness initiatives and reminders to keep your team in tip-top operating condition.

CultureBot takes the stress out of balancing countless Slack integrations by combining the most popular (and useful) remote team management features into a single application. Keep Slack channels active with the virtual water cooler while the birthday bot ensures every employee feels appreciated. With customizable settings and features for remote and hybrid teams, CultureBot is a cornerstone of good remote workplace culture. So if you're looking for a Slack app that does more than Disco, all while keeping things simple, you need CultureBot.

2. Trello

While Trello may not be exclusively a social Slack integration, you can't ignore this app's streamlined productivity and employee engagement features. Trello allows you to organize tasks into cards and boards, transferring said cards easily from one stage of production to the other. If you're looking for a project management app, Trello is a great fit for any remote team. Trello's Slack integrations allow team members to easily communicate about project steps and update project statuses from the convenience of Slack.

Not only does this streamline production, but Trello is a great way to run employee polls and schedule meetings, allowing team members to comment on existing cards or update each card with their insight, checklists, and more. While Trello may not be as socially focused as some of the other apps on our list, the ability to easily manage projects helps reduce employee burnout and streamline your production regardless of if your team is in-person or fully remote.

3. Polly

Have you ever wanted to know what your team thought about that last meeting? That's where Polly comes into play. Thanks to AI analytics and anonymous polling, Polly allows you to gather team insights without singling out one member. Polly conducts automatic surveys and runs a suggestion box, enabling team leaders to collect important engagement data without compromising employee privacy. Polly can even anonymously track demographic data for larger companies, helping managers tailor meetings, hold events, and address project concerns easily and quickly.

On the social side, Polly can run Q&A events, allowing team members to give honest feedback in a safe, welcoming environment. So if you're looking to boost your workplace culture and craft a welcoming, supportive virtual workspace, Polly can help you do that.

Remember that Polly's anonymous functions may not work as well for smaller remote teams. However, it can be a lifeline for team managers looking to motivate their employees and create a welcoming, productive online workplace culture.

4. MoodBit

Running an Excel spreadsheet with real-time analytics after every meeting is nearly impossible, so MoodBit does it instead. However, if you want real-time engagement scores from your team members and action plans to build a positive workspace, MoodBit is the right data add-on for your team.

MoodBit tracks overall employee engagement and uses its bot "Joy" to send out mood-boosting daily reminders, driving employee engagement and improving overall team morale. In addition, by conducting anonymous surveys at the end of the week, MoodBit offers employee feedback, and lets managers know what kind of hurdles their team struggles with.

Since managing remote employee engagement is no easy task, MoodBit works alongside engaged team leaders to improve office culture and increase engagement. While MoodBit doesn’t offer direct employee acknowledgment features, the insights shared by this Slakc app can direct you toward other programs to bolster your team’s mood and increase overall performance and engagement.

If you’re looking for an analytical app that provides insights on improving employee mood, MoodBit may be a good addition to your office Slack.

5. EngageWith

EngageWith offers physical rewards for the virtual workspace with kudos programs tied to gift cards and more. Showing team members you value their input can be difficult, especially in a virtual workspace. With EngageWith, team leaders can craft reward programs tied to physical goods and encourage employees to shout out a job well done for a chance at a prize.

Even without physical prizes, EngageWith hosts various employee engagement and survey programs to help customize your virtual workplace. For example, pulse surveys check the overall mood of your team after a key event like a meeting, project completion, or other key events. At the same time, real-time metrics allow you to track engagement strategies and adapt them to fit your team's needs. While EngageWith leans toward data-oriented engagement services, this app can work seamlessly alongside a social prompt app or project management Slack integration.


If you’re looking for a Slack integration to replace Disco, check out CultureBot. Our app combines the best parts of automation with social prompts and employee engagement for a one-stop-shop remote workplace booster. Contact our team today to learn more, or try CultureBot with your remote or hybrid team and watch your team engagement skyrocket.