Lattice Slack App Alternatives: 5 Competitors To Build Employee Engagement

editorial Mar 27, 2023

You're in luck if you're looking for Lattice Slack alternatives that drive employee engagement, build productivity, and connect your team. While Lattice is popular, many Slack integrations exist to pick up the slack (pun intended) in employee engagement and help forge social connections with your remote team.

Lattice is a modern tool for workplace management. By combining key insights with employee management options like 1:1 meeting scheduling, Lattice offers management solutions for remote teams looking to drive engagement.

While Lattice can help you keep track of events and coordinate team insights, a few key features are missing from Lattice. For example, replacing Lattice with a Slack app with socialization prompts, and wellness check-ins can elevate employee engagement.

Employee engagement comes down to more than just encouraging conversation. Ensuring your team feels valued and their work is as streamlined as possible can go a long way toward showing you appreciate the work each team member does. By combining social and productivity Slack apps, you can connect with your team all on one platform, ensuring each member feels engaged and acknowledged.

Merging the best parts of productivity tracking with workplace culture apps can revolutionize your employee engagements, crafting a healthy, productive remote or hybrid team. With that in mind, here are our top five lattice competitors and alternatives.

1. CultureBot

CultureBot is a great engagement app for teams of all sizes. With social prompts to keep team members talking, wellness initiatives to stave off burnout, and automated reminders for important anniversaries, CultureBot is an all-in-one Slack integration perfect for bringing remote team members together.

CultureBot offers a combination of productivity automation to cut down on manager tasks (like birthday and anniversary bots) and social initiatives like employee acknowledgments to craft a supportive, engaged virtual workplace. With CultureBot's watercooler prompts, Slack channels stay active longer, meaning team members remain engaged throughout the day.

On top of ongoing conversations, CultureBot encourages team members to shout out a job well done with acknowledgments, helping team members bond no matter how remote they are. Show your team you value their input with wellness check-ins and initiatives geared toward personal advancement and burnout avoidance. With CultureBot, your team will grow closer together and stay engaged virtually.

2. Asana

Asana is a productivity app that slides toward employee engagement through ease of use and convenience. If you’re sick of coordinating projects across several platforms, emails, and video calls, Asana is a breath of fresh air. This app helps integrate project management into your Slack channels, reducing employee frustration.

While Asana leans more toward project management and less toward social engagement, offering team members a streamlined way to manage projects without bouncing between different apps can reduce workplace fatigue and burnout. Asana’s integrations allow for app management in Slack, keeping tasks organized and helping streamline communication.

If you’re looking for a clean, easy-to-use coordination app that helps stave off burnout at the source while increasing team productivity, Asana may be the right Slack integration for your team.

3. Trello

Another workplace management app, Trello, works for various team coordination purposes. Ever wanted to manage several projects, all from a Slack channel? With Trello, tag, update, and move project cards using slash commands and communicate with team members about deadlines, expectations, and more. While Trello isn’t explicitly a social app, the card structure allows for event planning, onboarding, and much more, all integrated with Slack.

Trello can drive employee engagement by streamlining routine office tasks and making communication much easier. Employees can easily switch between tasks, have clear expectations, and leave direct questions without waiting for email responses by keeping tasks easily organized.

If you’re looking for a project management app that helps coordinate activities while keeping employees engaged but not overwhelmed, Trello may be a good fit for you and your team.

4. Polly

If you’ve ever wanted real-time insights about your team's feelings, Polly is right up your alley. This AI integration hosts anonymous polls to gauge employee engagement, satisfaction, and more. Polly is an interesting app because it allows anonymous responses while tracking demographic data. As a result, team managers can track satisfaction across all departments without singling out one employee over another.

With Q&A options, surveys, and a pulse check to help you instantly check in on the general vibe, Polly is a great way to track overall employee engagement and satisfaction. In addition, the unique suggestion box allows team members to safely and effectively communicate complaints, compliments, and more, all anonymously.

Polly can automatically send out polls after large events, meetings, and major projects to gauge how valued team members felt if they felt the meetings were productive. So if you're looking to track employee engagement meticulously and get meaningful insights from your team members, Polly may be a good fit for you and your team.

5. Seismic

Have you ever wanted a cheat sheet for your workplace? Sick of scrambling through notes to find out workplace procedures? Seismic is the app for you. Seismic allows team members to answer their questions and access countless facts about your business. From workplace culture guidelines to past customer information, Seismic is like a living, learning dictionary for your office.

While Seismic is best paired with other Slack apps for socialization, Seismic is easily customizable for different teams. For example, Seismic allows for easy onboarding thanks to instant answers from an automated service. New team members can ask questions safely and without judgment, while experienced team members can contribute knowledge and answer prompts.

Regarding team engagement and management integrations, Seismic is a good app for teams looking to keep knowledge easily accessible and streamline employee productivity and learning.


It’s easy to see why CultureBot is at the top of our list of Lattice Slack alternatives. By combining social, wellness, and employee acknowledgment functions into one app, you can easily manage your team, coordinate events, and show your appreciation all in one location. From keeping Slack channels active with virtual watercooler functions to calling out important events and workplace anniversaries, CultureBot does it all. Contact our team today to get started with CultureBot or learn more.


Oswald Reaves

A serial startup founder and entrepreneur, Oswald is a co-founder of the Slack-based employee experience and team engagement platform, CultureBot . Oswald is originally from North Carolina.