New Feature! Automated Birthday Celebrations

announcement Sep 18, 2021

We are very excited to share with you a fun and easy way to finally never forget an employee's birthday ever again! With our birthday messages feature, you can collect the birthdays from everyone on your team and send out celebratory birthday notifications automatically (on someone's birthday).

To use the birthday messages feature you'll need to visit the "Birthday Messages" section of the home tab for CultureBot and setup each of the following in the image shown below:

  • Check the "Sends birthday messages to your employees on their birthday!" checkbox
  • Select a channel to post to
  • Select the hour of day to run send celebratory birthday messages (uses your local timezone)
  • Click the "Collect Birthdays" button to send a message out to anyone on your team who hasn't submitted their birthday yet

We hope that this new addition to CultureBot makes building up your team's culture even easier and more fun than before.

😁 Stay happy & healthy,

~ Oswald


Oswald Reaves

A serial startup founder and entrepreneur, Oswald is a co-founder of the Slack-based employee experience and team engagement platform, CultureBot . Oswald is originally from North Carolina.