Here Are the 10 Best HR Podcasts for 2024

Sep 27, 2023

If you want to expand your knowledge in 2024, why not start the year by checking out some HR podcasts? These HR podcasts help demystify human resources, giving you the tools to upgrade your HR department and transform your workplace culture. Plus, they’re perfect for listening on your commute to work or during your lunch break, making them a great way to grow your industry awareness. Let’s jump into the best HR podcasts for 2024 without further ado.

The Modern People Leader

The Modern People Leader hosts interviews with top HR innovators, allowing them to share their stories and how they got to where they are today. These interviews are fascinating and engaging and give you insight into the evolving world of HR, making this a great podcast for anyone looking to engage with the world of HR.

They branch out from HR interviews from time to time, taking a look at industry specialists and how they operate. If you're looking for a great podcast that dives into the industry's secrets while also focusing on key modern leaders in the workforce, you'll want to check this podcast out.


#WorkTrends, hosted by Meghan M. Biro, dives into the ever-changing industry of HR. Aimed at those working within HR, this podcast attempts to shine a light on innovation and evolving standards in the workplace. Industry leaders, HR vendors, and more all guest stars on this news-focused podcast, allowing you to glimpse what 2024 has in store for the world of HR. They even host a live chat on Twitter every Wednesday at 1:30 PM EST, allowing you to join in the conversation.

Redefining Work

If you're interested in how the modern workforce changes and evolves daily, you’ll love Redefining Work. Host Lars Schmidt sits down with innovators in the workforce to talk about how things are growing and changing going into 2024. Listeners gain insights into how things are changing, crucial work tips, and even riveting stories about workplace changes. If you're looking for an engaging podcast to help elevate your workplace knowledge while remaining entertaining and engaging, check out Redefining Work.

Corporate Drinker

This enlightening podcast focuses on the complex relationship between social drinking in the workplace and maintaining a healthy relationship with alcohol. Corporate Drinker may not be exclusively HR-focused, but the topics covered by this podcast are all things HR deals with daily.

Podcast host Laurie Ruettimann dives into all things workplace and alcohol-related, tackling complex issues like consulting and drinking and modern trends like mommy wine culture. If you’re interested in hearing someone discuss the various sides of grabbing a drink after work and how it can impact employees, Corporate Drinker is a must-listen podcast.

WorkLife with Adam Grant

Organizational psychologist Adam Grant thinks you should enjoy your time at work as much as possible. After all, you spend much of your life working, so why not figure out how to enjoy it? WorkLife focuses on that unique work-life balance everyone strives for and covers topics like engaging with your workplace rival and enjoying your work even on your busiest days.

Diving into the psychology behind working, this podcast is an entertaining and enlightening way to restructure your work approach and help you gain that coveted work-life balance.

Digital HR Leaders with David Green

HR is going digital, and David Green is here to talk to industry HR leaders about how the push toward digital literacy is changing HR as a field. Digital HR Leaders with David Green dives into the ever-evolving needs of HR and HR personnel in the modern workplace and how technology is revolutionizing the field. This podcast is a great way to learn about emerging HR trends and how technology will shape the industry in 2024.


Short, sweet, and (sometimes) to the point, DriveThruHR covers industry news in 30 minutes or less, delving into HR-relevant topics while taking the time for witty sidebars and irreverent conversations. With frequent guest hosts, this podcast covers everything you need to know about the evolving world of HR in 2024 while keeping industry news engaging and entertaining. Plus, with a backlog of episodes back to 2010, you can binge-listen to this podcast while driving to work.


Minda Harts interviews women of color in her podcast, #SecureTheSeat, where she covers how WoCs find their way in a workforce that doesn’t always invest in their success. Join this podcast to discover how discrimination and hidden biases can influence the workforce even today and how modern women work to succeed despite those biases.

While not directly HR-focused, this podcast acts as a great look at intersectionality in the workforce and interviews workforce leaders about how they manage to succeed in a work culture that, at times, views them with indifference.

How I Built This

Have you ever wondered how certain industry leaders started? Want to know the secrets behind building some of today's biggest brands? How I Built This interviews industry leaders about their success, their struggles, and how they grow their businesses. This NPR podcast is fascinating and worth listening to, as it dives into the little-known success stories behind some of today's biggest brands while diving deeper into the lives of the people who built the brands from the ground up. If you're looking for engaging entrepreneur success stories, How I Built This is the right podcast for you.

People Managing People

Becca Banyard hosts People Managing People, a diverse look at the thought leaders who drive HR worldwide. Each episode talks with a different HR professional, including innovative people leaders, giving you plenty of new material to listen to weekly. If you want to hear from some top industry leaders, this should be your HR podcast in 2024.

If you’re looking for more ways to up your HR game in 2024, check out CultureBot, a Slack integration that can help automate standard HR tasks in new and interesting ways. Of course, if you'd like to learn more industry insights, you can always check out our blog for new and exciting looks at HR and workplace culture.

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