September Product Updates: Intros, Celebrations, Shoutouts and More

announcement Sep 20, 2023

This month we bring you a set of several updates to various core features of CultureBot, including employee intros, birthday and custom celebrations, shoutouts and more.

New GIFs for custom celebrations

We have new custom-made GIFs for every celebration day (example below). To utilize these, just re-create your existing celebration days by using one of our 14 templates.

Note: there are also 2 new celebration days – pride month (June 1) and mens health month (November 1).

Setting to send DM to user when they receive a shoutout

This new setting (inside the shoutouts admin UI), if enabled, will send any employee(s) who are included in a shoutout a DM as soon as they are "shouted out" in a channel. Great for driving awareness.

Setting to allow/disallow anonymous shoutouts

If you'd like to mandate the public use of shoutouts, toggle off the checkbox seen below. This will hide the 'send shoutout anonymously' button at the bottom of the shoutouts modal.

Note: this is on by default.

Intro lottery option

The intro lottery option allows you to setup introductions that select just a single group/pairing each week (along with a certain, fixed set of users who are always included). For example, this is a great way to setup a CEO get-to-know-you lottery.

Photo collage for birthdays/anniversaries

The photo collage option shown below is available for birthdays and anniversaries. To get to this option, click 'edit message' from the birthday or anniversary configuration screens. This will send a collage on everyone's birthday that takes their Slack profile picture and makes a nice graphic out of it.

Note: if there are multiple birthdays on the same day, multiple faces will be included. Also, this option is best toggled off when the celebration GIF is toggled on - try to use just one or the other!

Nominations survey type

This is a new template option for surveys (accessible from the 'employee surveys/forms' section of the CultureBot admin UI. Once arriving in the surveys portal, click 'create new form' and you will then see the new template for nominations. This is an easy and quick way to identify folks on your team doing a stand-out job each month.

Coming this fall...

We have quite a few changes planned for the rest of the year, including (but not limited to):

  • Peer rewards with gift card automation (to allow employees to redeem/fulfill rewards automatically)
  • AI water cooler topics (to stir up conversation starters on recent topics, safe for work, of course)
  • Additional lottery updates (cross-group intros, calendar sync, skipping a week, etc.)
  • Wellness and mental health videos (to send out on a regular basis to your existing wellness channel(s) or directly to employees)

As always, we'd love to hear your feedback, suggestions, and thoughts. Email us at support(at)!

~ Amy


Oswald Reaves

Along with Amy Campbell

A serial startup founder and entrepreneur, Oswald is a co-founder of the Slack-based employee experience and team engagement platform, CultureBot . Oswald is originally from North Carolina.