March 2024 - Product Roundup

announcement Mar 14, 2024

This month we have a small (but mighty) round-up of product updates to the employee intros and shoutouts features. Have a quick read through below - and if you have any questions - as always, drop us a line at support(at) 😁

This will auto-add a Google Meeting link to the calendar event that is created when employees use the 'find mutual time' option in the introduction group DM.

Ability to hide the shoutout graphic when sending a shoutout

Some teams enjoy a smaller shoutout experience - to this end, try out the 'do not send graphic' option at the bottom of shoutouts, now live!

An example of what the graphic-less shoutout will look like:

Daily cap for shoutout points

A daily cap will limit your employees from sending too many points, too quickly.

Showing currently redeemable points in shoutout reporting

Before today, only total shoutouts sent/recieved and total points sent/recieved were available. Currently redeemable points give you insight into how many points your team members actively have to use on gifts.

Ability to deny already approved gifts

This is available for custom gifts only. Use it to undo the fulfilment status of gifts that you've marked 'approved'.