✨Announcing: Employee Feedback Reminders & Team Pulse Check-Ins

announcement Dec 11, 2023

Happy December everyone! It's been a busy year at CultureBot, and we're rounding it out with a focus on getting your remote team ready to take your team's culture in 2024 to new heights. With that, we've been crafting up some very exciting features meant to collect feedback and take a pulse on your team at regular intervals.

Employee Feedback Reminders

Use employee feedback reminders to quickly (and anonymously) solicit/gather feedback from your team before it hits Glassdoor. What we love about this feature is that not only can you use this inside Slack to gather more feedback than before (since you can enable regular reminders), you can actually reply back (and forth) to the users who left the feedback!

To get started, visit the 'employee feedback' section of the setup dropdown in your CultureBot admin UI (shown below).

Setup the employee feedback reminders by visiting the 'employee feedback' section of the setup dropdown in your CultureBot admin UI.

When the reminder sends, it will look like you see below. Of course, the accompanying message is fully editable. Reminders can also be sent via DM to employees as well to encourage more feedback.

An example reminder message to solicit employee (anonymous) feedback.

When an employee clicks 'provide feedback' box will appear that will let them type in a message. The message can be sent publicly or anonymously (but will default to anonymous). After the message is submitted, all of the "set users to be notified" will be sent a DM via Slack:

An example of what it looks like when you (the CultureBot admin) get notified on new feedback.

Clicking 'reply to feedback' will open up the CultureBot web portal where you can submit a reply. The employee will see this reply via DM in Slack, where they can then return a reply to continue the conversation. All anonymous by default.

How it looks to reply back (and forth) to feedback received.

To learn more about how to setup feedback reminders, visit our getting started guide here!

Team Pulse Check-Ins

There's now a template in the surveys and questionnaires section of CultureBot for sending a 'pulse check-in' - what is this all about? Simply put, a pulse check-in is an easy way to gauge the 'pulse' of your team or culture. Send it out every week or month to quantify morale and even map this trend over time.

You can now utilize a new 'type' of question when creating survey forms – the number type. A number type has a range (min to max).

If you've selected the pulse check-in template or started a campaign with a form that is using the new number type, you'll actually be able to then view metrics mapped out over time - including response rates and the average answer for any numeric questions.  

Click 'view overview metrics' to see a time series visual on response rates to your surveys, as well as trends with numeric questions/answers. 

This data pattern/trend makes it super easy to now get an at-a-glance birds-eye view of your morale and culture - you can physically see the trends over time - as more runs of the campaign go out each week or month, additional time series data points will appear in the graphs you see below.

An example of the visualizations referenced above – you can view trends (for example, perhaps this is your team pulse survey) in employee answers over time.

And... that's it to round out the year! We're looking to release our MVP of the calendar integration for intros very soon (either right before or right after the new year). As always, for help with using any of these new features, or to start a trial of CultureBot - reach out to support(at)getculturebot.com or book a demo with us here.

~ Amy


Amy Campbell

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