The 7 Top HR Apps for Slack

tools Mar 15, 2024

Communication is key to success in any workplace, especially whenever teams work remotely. It’s how companies build a strong team culture and align projects and tasks. Slack is a great tool for this purpose, but did you know there are HR apps designed to improve Slack?

These apps boost team engagement and help everyone stay connected, lifting team morale. By using integrations, teams can turn Slack into a powerhouse for ensuring everyone feels part of a job well done.

What are HR Apps for Slack?

Slack apps are tools HR can use to improve how teams work together. They handle everything from time tracking and organizing feedback to recognizing teammates’ achievements. Companies use different software solutions to make work life easier.

However, studies show that too many apps can reduce productivity because 43% of workers reported they spend too much time switching between tools. Seamlessly integrated apps turn Slack into a one-stop shop for HR, making it simple to keep everyone in the loop. They ensure teams work well together and feel great, all without leaving Slack’s platform.

The Purpose of Integrating HR Apps With Slack

Integrating HR apps with Slack tackles a main challenge with workforce experience — low employee engagement. On average, only 30% of a company's workforce is engaged.

A lower level of employee engagement indicates deeper problems like poor morale, decreased productivity and higher turnover rates. These issues may occur when employees feel less motivated and committed. As such, their performance may plummet, which can seriously impact a company’s bottom line and culture.

One of the ways that HR can enhance employees’ experience is by communicating with team members daily. Everyday communication works to build a positive culture and facilitate recognition. When a company uses Slack as its primary communication tool, HR can add various functionalities to help team members feel valued and connected.

The Best HR Apps to Integrate With Slack

Various HR apps are available to boost a certain aspect of a team’s daily operations. Whether it’s for project management, setting up meetings or cheering on team members, HR reps can ensure they enhance engagement through the best Slack integrations.

1. CultureBot

CultureBot is an HR Slack app designed to boost team spirit by facilitating shout-outs and celebrating milestones. HR can even use it to remind everyone about important events like work anniversaries or birthdays. CultureBot is easy to use for HR, making it simple to spread cheer and recognition without adding to their workload. By automating these bits of encouragement, CultureBot keeps the team vibe upbeat while building a culture of support and acknowledgment.

2. Friday

Friday steps in as a powerful platform for managing the workweek. This app helps organize updates, set goals and collect feedback, all within the confines of Slack. It streamlines checking project progress, replacing lengthy meetings or email threads with quick, focused updates. HR professionals can use this tool to keep a pulse on team sentiment. At the end of the week, Friday enables the opportunity to reflect and set sights on future objectives.

3. Typeform

For HR leaders seeking to make improvements within the workplace, Typeform’s Slack integration can be an excellent way to encourage employee feedback. Typeform enables users to create engaging surveys to share within Slack’s platform. They can even create polls and quizzes and manage event RSVPs that send results back through Slack.

The best part about Typeform is its interface. This tool is easy to use, which can greatly increase response rates. It also enhances engagement further through artificial intelligence (AI), which works to streamline usability and make surveys more interactive. As such, HR can gain deeper insights into team morale and employee satisfaction, making the feedback collection process simple and effective.

4. Standuply

Standuply makes team coordination seamless and efficient through its automated project management features. This app specializes in running stand-up meetings and surveys through Slack. As such, it can streamline workflows for teams that use Agile processes.

HR can benefit from it by scheduling regular check-ins. With Standuply, they can collect updates from team members and use the insights it compiles to share with the whole team. This way, everyone stays in the loop on project progress and blockers while saving time by reducing the need for synchronous meetings.

5. Officevibe

Officevibe provides a unique angle to enhancing team dynamics within Slack. It focuses on measuring and improving employee engagement through anonymous surveys assessing the work environment's different aspects. This app provides HR professionals with actionable insights into the team’s health, helping them learn about strengths and improvement areas. Officevibe works for HR leaders to build trust and encourage team members to share honest feedback.

6. Bonusly

For HR leaders wanting to fill the gap in team engagement, Bonusly makes a great tool to integrate with Slack. This tool turns the spotlight on recognizing and rewarding team members’ contributions. This app makes it fun and easy to give kudos for a job well done, allowing peers to award points they can redeem for real-world rewards.

What’s great about Bonusly is how it encourages appreciation amongst the team. This app also enables positive reinforcement to make everyone feel valued for their efforts.

7. Leaderboard

According to Gallup, low engagement leads to $8.8 trillion in worldwide economic costs. HR leaders could overcome this common workplace issue by creating a competitive edge to team engagement using Leaderboard.

HR can spark motivation through friendly competition by tracking and displaying achievements for sales numbers and other key performance indicators. It’s perfect for teams who want a fun way to recognize top performers and encourage everyone to improve their game.

Leaderboard is great for driving performance, building collective ambition and making individual success visible. As a result, HR can push the whole team to greater heights through a supportive environment.

Improve Employee Experience With Engaging HR Slack Integrations

Various HR apps for Slack are available to explore, but consider ones focused on building team engagement and experience. It’s also best to choose tools that best fit the team’s culture and needs. With a well-chosen app, HR can turn Slack into a centralized platform for productivity and positivity.