7 Best Slack Apps for Remote Teams

Working remotely has many benefits, from sourcing talent from afar to collaborating with several offices simultaneously. Thanks to the versatility of Slack, building the ideal virtual workspace is easier than ever. Using the right Slack apps, you can launch your remote team to new heights of productivity and collaboration.

Here, we cover the seven best Slack apps for remote teams. We've ranked these apps based on versatility, collaboration, ease of use, and overall usefulness, so you can rest easy knowing you're getting the best app for your workspace. Let's dive into the best Slack apps for remote teams without further ado.

1. Google Drive

You're missing out if you’re not using Google Drive in 2023. This Slack integration is necessary for any business sharing documents, spreadsheets, pictures, etc. With Google Drive integrated into your Slack channels, you can easily add new collaborators to sheets, provide updates, leave comments, and more. This Slack integration may have fewer social implications than others on our list. Still, if you want to streamline your document sharing and make collaborating between departments a breeze, you need Google Drive integration.

From sharing pictures and spreadsheets to creating collaborative text documents or even sharing notes, Google Drive keeps your documents and commentary all in one place for easy access. Gone are the days of losing a document in your inbox; with Google Drive for Slack, document members can be pinged instantly, avoiding the notification clutter from a work email. If you want to streamline document sharing, Google Drive is a fantastic app for any Slack channel.

2. Google Calendar

Much like Google Drive, Google Calendar is a foundational app for any business Slack channel. Sharing events, meetings, and itineraries with the click of a button can streamline office communications in a snap. Google Calendar can update your weekly meeting time to invite a team member to virtual lunch.

While Google Calendar is a one-trick Slack app, there’s something to be said for how seamlessly it works to keep all your office events in one convenient place. From scheduling employee meetings to setting aside vacation time, working with Google Calendar within your Slack channels can simplify coordination and reduce inbox overload, making it a worthwhile investment for any office.

3. CultureBot

CultureBot is the one of the easier top picks for remote teams. This app has everything you need to bolster your remote team. From social prompts and anonymous surveys to peer-to-peer acknowledgments, CultureBot has everything you need to build a positive workplace culture and encourage employee growth and collaboration.

One of the coolest features of CultureBot is its virtual water cooler function. Gone are the days of dead Slack channels; with this handy feature, you can encourage conversations and keep team members connected with the help of automated icebreakers. These socialization starters keep the conversation rolling and offer a nice break for remote team members. The water cooler feature got a recent update, making it even more well-suited for teams of all sizes.

Of course, there’s more to CultureBot than just social prompts. Peer-to-peer acknowledgment features help create a positive workplace environment, while anonymous surveys allow team leaders to poll employees for feedback easily. On top of this, CultureBot includes employee wellness initiatives to help stave off burnout and promote a healthy work/life relationship among team members.

If you’re looking for the Slack collaboration app that does it all, you need to try CultureBot. This add-on makes collaboration a breeze, encourages conversations, engages team members, and helps your team build a positive, productive workplace culture.

4. Trello

Trello is a great way to organize office tasks into simple cards. These cards, in turn, move through work stages as an easy way to track progress. Trello is a great way to stay on track if you work in a business that floats several projects simultaneously. From keeping track of customer follow-up messages to bringing content pieces through every stage of creation, Trello can simplify and streamline your production pipeline.

One of the best parts of the Trello Slack integration is how easy adding someone to a card becomes. Pinging individuals can happen through any Slack channel, and you can add or remove contributors instantly, cutting down on unnecessary notifications and streamlining the process. Contributors can add comments, move projects forward, or even create new projects without leaving Slack, making this an ideal collaboration app for those in production-heavy departments.

While Trello doesn’t have the social tools that some other apps on this list boast, Trello is a great option if you’re looking for a purely project-management program.

5. ClickUp

Another project-management platform, ClickUp, merges the best parts of Google Calendar with Trello, allowing you to track a project in terms of time and steps completed. Team members can easily join or leave a project, leave comments, and even add new to-do steps, all from the convenience of a Slack channel.

With ClickUp, collaboration becomes easier than ever. Team members can draft new projects, add due dates, update project statuses, and more, all from one central hub, making your team much more productive. If you want to streamline team projects and productivity, ClickUp may match your office needs.

6. Polly

Have you ever wondered how a meeting went? Want to poll team members for insights without putting someone on the spot? If the answer is yes, Polly is the Slack app for you. This Slack integration uses the power of AI to track employee engagement during meetings, allowing you to track how successful your latest meeting was. You can also run employee engagement surveys and question-and-answer segments from the comfort of your office's Slack channel.

Thanks to the power of automation, Polly runs insights in the background so you can spend less time stressing over metrics and more time improving employee engagement. Polly is the right app for you if you’re looking for actionable insight into office engagement without putting team members on the spot.

7. MoodBit

Similarly to Polly, MoodBit helps track workplace engagement without putting team members on the spot. The automated insight tracking works through your office's Slack channel to track overall engagement and boost team satisfaction. With MoodBit, you can say goodbye to yearly satisfaction surveys and hello to actionable insights perfect for preventing burnout and promoting team engagement. If you're looking for metrics tracking on a new level, MoodBit may be a good fit for your team.

To summarize, if you’re looking for a Slack app that does more, you need CultureBot. From social prompts to employee wellness and everything in between, this app helps engage employees and connect team members no matter how far remote your team is. If you’re looking to elevate your Slack channel, get CultureBot today.