New Feature! Team Shoutouts

We are very excited to share with you an easy way to acknowledge and recognize your employee's good deeds and progress -- team shoutouts inside of Slack.

Team Shoutouts! A brand new feature for the first time, shoutouts are a fun and easy way to recognize employees in a public way for the good work they've done recently.

What does it look like?

How do I start using shoutouts?

  • Scroll down to the seciton of the admin UI called "team engagement" and you''ll see a spot to begin sending shoutouts.
  • Shoutouts are always one-off, but a reminder message to get the team to send more shoutouts can be setup on a recurring basis.
  • When a shoutout is sent, the bot will make it easy for anyone to send another shoutout with a little button at the bottom of the graphic.
  • You can also type in /shoutout to bring up the modal to send a new one
Scroll down inside the admin UI to view where to create a shoutout.

Other updates now live as well:

  • You can now upload birthdays and work anniversaries directly inside CultureBot. Just click the "collect birthdays" or "collect anniversaries" tab inside the admin UI to get started.
  • Trivia allows you to submit your own questions now, great for onboarding new employees or just mixing it up. Scroll down to the bottom of the admin UI to find this.

😁 Stay happy & healthy,

~ Oswald